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Long before... Well, just about everything else I've ever been interested in - there was the brooding, pouty, passionate, crystal-eyed John Castle. While fans of Mr. Castle are many, pictures and websites seem to be scarce so I've started my own. This is a work in progress!

The Gallery: This is the heart of the site - Here you will find an index leading to thousands of screen captures, as well as scans of articles, theatre programs, promotional stills, and other odds and ends. Articles: Bypass the gallery index and skip straight to articles scanned from theatre magazines and books. There are a few other articles tucked away on specific production pages, but the majority can be found here.

Biographical Information: Information gleaned from articles, programs, and other sources. Appearances: A growing list of appearances - compiled from several databases and fan input. It's only screen appearances for now, but stage appearances will be added at a later date.
Site Update Log: Check in here to see if anything new has happened since your last visit. Links: Some links to more stuff.

Wallpapers: A collection of desktop wallpapers made by the webmistress. Fan Tributes: A collection of creative and fun stuff created by fans.
Sim Stuff: Do you play The Sims? A John Castle skin and Bill's painting from Blow Up are available! Audio Clips: A few audio clips of some favorite moments - The collection will grow in the future.
Guest Book: Sign the site guestbook and meet a few people! Discuss: This site does not have a message board set up, but the imdb does! You will need to register to participate.

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This is a fan site, not an official site for John Castle. The author claims no rights to the images on the site. This site is for enjoyment of fans and no money is being made. The author does not have contact with Mr. Castle - please do not send emails intended for him.

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